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Muc Off Hydrodynamic Team Sky Lube


Muc-Off Hydrodynamic Chain Lube

The ideal lubricant to keep your bicycle gears shifting smoothly, this hydrodynamic lube from Muc-Off offers such high-performance that it’s the go-to choice for pro riders everywhere. Ready for whatever the ride throws your way, this efficient chain lube offers enhanced protection for long-distances and harsh weather conditions.

All-Conditions Hydrodynamic Chain Lube

Born in 2014 and baptised at the most famous French road race in the world, with the worst weather conditions seen in years, our new Hydrodynamic Chain Lube is the first to be created by the Muc-Off research team, Hand blended in the UK, Muc-Off used the finest ingredients to create a sophisticated, synergistic blend of esters coupled with aerospace quality based oil lubrication, before packing it with ground-breaking extreme pressure additives. All this means it’s possible to create a high strength film forming lubricant which prevents metal to metal contact to ensure peak performance, even under the most extreme workloads that a pro peloton can throw at it. Each handmade batch takes hours of painstaking work to deliver a highly advanced bicycle chain lubricant, reaching previously unobtainable levels of lubrication and protection.

At Muc-Off, they thrive on challenges, so they designed and built a Chain Lube Optimisation Dyno (aka C.L.O.D) that could provide quantifiable data, a world-first for a bicycle chain lube manufacturer. They can now test and analyse all bike lubricants in minute detail, giving them an advantage over all our competitors in formulation development. After over 15 formulas and hundreds of hours of lab and real-world testing, they have arrived at their newest breakthrough – ‘Hydrodynamic’. This formula strikes the perfect balance between chain lube efficiency and resistance to environmental conditions. This means it gives you the ultimate protection but with an incredibly low friction coefficient, even in the harshest conditions.


  • Ideal for Road Cycling and Cyclocross
  • Provides the ultimate performance in both wet & damp or dry & dusty conditions
  • Petroleum free formula for eco protection
  • Synthetic polymers for long-distance performance
  • Incredible durability
  • Pipette system for easy application

Directions For Use:

  1. Fully de-grease drive chain thoroughly before lube application
  2. Ensure drive chain area is dry
  3. Shake bottle vigorously and apply a moderate amount of Team Sky Hydrodynamic lube to the inside chain link, whilst spinning pedals in a reverse motion
  4. Ideally, apply 3-4 hours before your ride
  5. Check to make sure the lube coverage is even using the supplied UV Torch!
  6. Wipe excess lube carefully


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