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Muc Off Carbon Gripper


Muc-Off Carbon Gripper

After many arduous trials and tests, Muc-Off’s research and development team have managed to come up with the answer to the age old question of how to stop your carbon fixtures from slipping, Their highly advanced, all-new Carbon Gripper will quickly and easily increase carbon-on-carbon friction to keep your posts and bars as steady in their slots and holders as can be.

Highly Efficient Carbon Assembly Compound

This easy to apply pink paste features particles that increase ‘mating friction’ between carbon surfaces, as well as carbon-on-metal connections, giving superb grip to help keep your clamped carbon components from slipping and moving while your bike is in motion. With its holding capabilities reducing the amount of torque needed to secure seatposts and handlebars in place, the Carbon Gripper also prevents your fasteners from fracturing or becoming fatigued, improving and maintaining component life with every use. Muc-Off Carbon Gripper is the ideal solution to a slippery problem.


  • Keep Carbon parts gripped
  • ‘Non slip’ surface to surface formula
  • Specifically designed for Carbon Fibre parts
  • Carbon Fibre safe


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