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Chris King MTN30 Wheelset

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Why You Want It

The MTN30 all mountain wheel tracks better in hard corners and is more stable at high-speeds due to the dynamic compliance provided by FusionFiber® a groundbreaking thermoplastic alternative to traditional carbon fiber. This is a versatile wheel for riders who ride a variety of terrain, though these are NOT the DH wheels you’re looking for. MTN30 is intended for bikes with up to 160mm of suspension travel.

We paired the MTN30 with our Boost Centerlock hubs and their 72-points of simultaneous engagement. That makes these wheels super-efficient at transferring your power to the ground. We throw in one-piece solid axles to provide a stiff hub with rail accurate steering. So you’ve got a light, comfort-oriented, high-performance wheelset that will accommodate a lot of tires. It’s really a tremendous value for the rider who just wants to ride bikes all day. That sounds like you.

Finally, our bearings, both steel and ceramic, have heat-treated, surgical grade steel races that are machined simultaneously to ensure perfect matching. The quality and speed of our bearings is what you will feel (and hear) on every ride. As Chris King bearing tracks burnish, they actually get faster. A little bit of regular love (i.e. service) will keep this hub rolling for years upon years of demanding use.


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